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I left my boss's office embarrassed. I had been called in because my team was failing to progress on a project that I had conceived of and championed.

I needed a moment to pull myself together. The real humiliation was that my team had complained directly to my boss, saying this goal I set for them was not worth doing. And seeing no value in it, they had put no effort into it.

So what happened here? Was my team uncooperative... or was I just clueless how to go about creating worthwhile goals and motivating people to achieve them?

Hi, my name is Mary. Maybe you’ve been in this situation: As a Manager you set performance or improvement goals that just don't get done. You start with the best intentions and ambitious plans to create new products and systems, increase revenue, effect true and lasting change for your organization!

And maybe, like me, you even make bold promises to your bosses about the results you will obtain… but somehow your team never gets on board with your vision and progress doesn’t happen. Or if it's a goal for yourself, success just seems to elude you.

Back to that challenging day of mine... When I saw our milestone dates come and go with minimal effort and weak excuses put forth by my team, I thought – They’re testing me. I’m a new manager, half of them are older than I am, maybe they don’t take me seriously. So I laid on the pressure!

“Listen,” I told them, “You don’t need to agree with this project, but you do need to complete it!”

Well, you can imagine how well that went over – NOT! Not well at all. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was trying to assert authority when the situation called for influence.  And the heart of the problem was that the GOAL ITSELF was unclear - people didn't see the point of doing it.

After my boss pointed out that my team was not on board and I better address that - I gave up my attempt at an authoritarian approach and just asked the team what they thought. Their feedback was painful to hear but I listened with the intent to be better at my job and get the best work done for everyone. Our open conversation resulted in a better solution which became our team goal for the next quarter one that we achieved together!

In the years that followed, I learned powerful tools to make significant progress at work and in my life. Now as a Coach, I want to support you to learn these tools as well!

Start by downloading this free guide to Setting Goals Worth Playing For, and then schedule a strategy session with me to find out how you can benefit from Positive Impact Coaching.

Listen to the experience of others:

Mary's coaching came at a pivotal point in my life. The direction of my career was unclear and navigating a changing world felt overwhelming. Mary helped me to focus on what mattered most to me. Her insights gave me the confidence I needed to stop doubting my decisions, ignore the noise and achieve my goals. I'm now living a happier and more purposeful life.


Sr. Marketing Manager, Biotech

I have hired different coaches before and I really liked your approach. I feel more confident in meetings with the Board and when delegating to my team.


Executive Director, Arts Foundation

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