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Solve the WHAT and the HOW with coaching.

Coaching Services

Career & Leadership Positive Impact

Apply straightforward tools and direct strategies to improve your communication, confidence, and management skills. Experience shifts in how you see yourself, other people, and your role. Advance your career while staying true to who you are.

Life Coaching

Clarify and achieve your goals with support of a trained coach. Experience shifts in how you see yourself and other people. Learn new tools to move forward in life with ease.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Understanding your personality type can help you with career planning, continued professional advancement, and personal growth in every area of your life. MBTI personality type can be a tool for achieving balance in each stage of life from youth through mid-life, retirement, and new chapters beyond.

Listen to the experience of others

Mary's coaching came at a pivotal point in my life. The direction of my career was unclear and navigating a changing world felt overwhelming. Mary helped me to focus on what mattered most to me. Her insights gave me the confidence I needed to stop doubting my decisions, ignore the noise and achieve my goals. I'm now living a happier and more purposeful life.

Sr. Marketing Manager, Biotech

If you are looking for an amazing personal coach that will help you reach your full potential, I highly recommend Mary. I have had the honor of being coached by Mary over the past 6 months. She has taught me to recognize my core values and to use them to execute on my vision for my career. Mary has helped me embrace my desire to put people first and lead by example. She has given me great inspiration and I'm so very grateful to have had her by my side the last several months.

Director, Strategic Testing, Banking

I can't thank Mary enough! To be coached by an exceptionally good listener with deep insight, clear guidance and wholly committed to my success was a breath of fresh air. Our weekly sessions helped me stay grounded, on track with my goals and tasks and helped me see myself with so much more compassion and appreciation. Invaluable!!

Coach and Minister

Mary has given me tactical action items I can use right away to improve personally and professionally. She walked me through specific actions needed to improve my success level and also explained the underlying mental energies behind the scenes for why the actions are structured.

Sr. Risk Manager, financial services

Mary Bourke is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in management and leadership skills for Fortune 500 companies. During her prior career in technology and new media she managed teams, projects, programs, products, and partnerships. She is also certified and/or has been trained in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Business Management, Project Management, Technical Management, Personal Financial Planning, Investing, and Reiki.

Mary Bourke

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