Positive Impact Coaching for Professionals

Gain leadership skills while achieving progress
in your work and personal goals and challenges.

Positive Impact is an 8-session personalized coaching program for experienced, new, and aspiring leaders.
Improve your professional effectiveness and relationships by applying new tools to real-world situations in your work and personal life.
Experience shifts in how you see yourself, other people, and your role as leader.
Develop skills in communication, influence, delegation, conflict management, and team empowerment.
Master the craft of goal-setting, and make decisions with clarity.
Make an immediate positive impact on performance and productivity for yourself and your organization.
Advance your career.

Make a Difference through Positive Impact

Coaching Objectives

Individuals come away from coaching feeling great about themselves.

They have made progress in their target goals and challenges.

They have experienced shifts in how they see themselves, other people and their role.

They are equipped with new tools, techniques and insights and are immediately making a positive impact to performance and productivity in their organization.

Who Benefits

- Someone who is new to managing others or aspires to manage others.

- Managers of all levels (Senior, Director, VP, C-Level) who want to improve in a specific area.

- Leaders who want to more confidently create high-performing, empowered team cultures.

- Someone who wants support to achieve a goal, make a change or level-up their skills.

- Someone who is willing to see things in new ways and take action to meet their goals.

Positive Impact to Organizations

Studies show that managers with well-developed emotional intelligence outperform revenue targets, drive innovation and create cultures of empowerment.

Positive Impact Coaching develops an individual's emotional intelligence by focusing first on self-awareness, followed by new ways of seeing and interacting with others. All exercises are mapped to core management competencies.

Listen to the experience of others

Mary and I really unpacked the root of a lot of my fears and frustrations. She also did a great job of centering me when I went off-track thinking about too many things at once 🙂 I feel better equipped to navigate the upcoming changes in responsibility and my interpersonal network as I make my way into senior management.

Sr. Manager, IT Services

Mary was a much-needed shot in the arm for me. I deeply value her professional insights, her perspective, and the fact that she has direct experience with many of the hurdles I've faced in my own career. She provided me with direction and specific steps to not only reframe my thinking but take bold action. I recommend her highly to anyone unsure of exactly how to push through to the next level of effectiveness.

UX Lead, Technology

Executive & Leadership Coach

Mary is a certified professional coach specializing in management and leadership skills for Fortune 500 companies. During her prior career in technology and new media she managed teams, projects, platforms, products and partnerships. She is currently Certified by ICF (PCC), Myers-Briggs (MBTI), and the American Management Association (AMA-CPM). She has also received training in Project Management, Personal Financial Planning, and Technical Management.

Support to Create Your Success

There is no 'one secret' you can learn which will instantly grant you success. There are some key skills you can develop, however, and Positive Impact Coaching is the place to start.

Schedule a Strategy Session with me. I would love to meet you, and together we will see what your next best step is to get you where you want to be in your career!

With clarity, focus and ease you will begin to identify the crucial elements in getting you to the success you want and the life you would love to be living.

Ask me about Positive Impact Coaching for Teams! mary@bourkecoaching.com | (323) 683-3782

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