In this free LIVE workshop you will learn how to set up your goals for maximum success:

Setting Goals Worth Playing For

Learn how to turn your vision into actionable, achievable goals.
The most overlooked element that will give you courage and commitment to complete your goals.
Learn 7 common mistakes to avoid in goal-setting that will doom you before you even start.
Bring a goal you want to play for. Get coached to set up your goal for success!

100% FREE - Next Goal-Setting Sprint is
Thursday, MARCH 25 @ 2pm-3pm Pacific!

What we will cover in this live Zoom 'sprint' workshop...

Magic Power of Clarity

We constantly seek the 'one easy trick' or 'the secret' to make us successful but the way to success has always been the same: Start with a clear goal and consistently take actions toward it.

Create New Habits

How to use goal-setting to successfully establish new habits.

Promises & Support

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people, and how to create success for yourself.

100% FREE - Next Goal-Setting Sprint is Thursday, March 25, 2021 @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm Pacific!

You Can Create Your Own Success

There is no 'one secret' that you can learn which will instantly grant you success. There are some key skills you can learn and apply, however - and effective goal setting is the place to start.

Join my next Setting Goals Worth Playing For sprint workshop to learn the most common mistakes that derail our success. Bring a goal you want to move forward in or just come to learn!

With clarity, focus and ease you will begin to identify the crucial elements in getting you to the success you want and the life you would love to be living.

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Executive & Leadership Coach

Mary is a trained coach specializing in management and leadership skills for Fortune 500 technology and entertainment companies. During her career in digital advertising and new media she managed teams, projects, products and partnerships. She has received certification training in Coaching, Leadership & Management, Project Management (PMP), Personal Financial Planning, Technical Management and is a certified Coach (ACC) and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner.

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